Lansdowne is in Delaware County and is located about 6 milesto the center of Philadelphia. It was named for the Marquess of Lansdowne.

Lansdowne grew quickly in the early part of the twentieth century when a railroad stop was established near the intersection of Lansdowne Avenue and Baltimore Pike. It is primarily residential with a commercial center near the original railroad stop. 

William Penn School District serves Lansdowne. The schools are Ardmore Avenue Elementary School (K-6), Penn Wood Middle School (Darby), Penn Wood High School, Cypress Street Campus, (9-10) (Yeadon), Penn Wood High School, Green Avenue Campus, 


The private schools are Lansdowne Friends School, a Quaker elementary school. 

Lansdowne was ooriginally a vacation resort for residents of Philadelphia. People would travel by rail and horse to their Victorian homes. Many of the homes have since been turned into multiple-dwelling apartments which, due to zoning law changes, is no longer an option. Lansdowne is trying to preserve the integrity of its lovely, big homes.

It is home to the Lansdowne Symphony Orchestra, Celebration Theater, the Lansdowne Folk Club, and the Lansdowne Arts Festival. 

Lansdowne has several historic buildings, including a movie theater and clubhouse. There has recently been a movement to re-open the theater.

A community of Scottish weavers lived and worked on Scottdale Road by the Darby Creek in the 19th century. Some of their houses are still in existence. A Quaker community and a Friends' Meeting House are located on Lansdowne Avenue.

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