Jenkintown is in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, about 10 miles north of downtown Philadelphia. "Jenkintown" is also used to describe a number of neighborhoods surrounding the borough, which also are known by names such as Rydal, Jenkintown Manor and Noble. While the post office will deliver "Jenkintown"-addressed mail to these areas, they are not part of the political entity of Jenkintown; they are within Abington Township.

The Jenkintown-Wyncote train station is one of SEPTA's major stops; the Warminster Line, West Trenton Line, Airport Line, andLansdale/Doylestown Line regional rail services all stop there.


The community was named for William Jenkins who it was granted to by William Penn.

Jenkintown is a mostly residential community that runs along Old York Road (Route 611) corridor. On the east side of Old York Road, residential development is predominantly characterized by single-family homes. On the southeast side of York Road, there is a small mixed concentration of row homes and smaller single-family residences. This area consists of a traditional small town mix of detached single-family homes, duplexes, and row homes. Located throughout this area are several multi-family apartment buildings that are residential rental properties.

The Jenkinintown was famous for it's Strawbridge and Clothier Store which when still open, drew shoppers from miles around.


Jenkintown has its own school district with grades from kindergarten to 12th. The mascot of Jenkintown High School is the Drake. The sports teams are known as the Drakes, or the Lady Drakes in the case of all-female teams. They are the Jenkintown Elementary School and the Jenkintown High School.  

The private schools are, Saint Basil Academy (all-girls'), Abington Friends SchoolManor College

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