Newtown Square

Newtown Square crosses into Marple and Newtown Townships in Delaware County and a very small section crosses into Chester County.It is the oldest township in Delaware County. Newtown Square was settled by Quakers like many other places in the area.

During the 19th century many mills sprang up along Crum Creek and Darby Creek. These included saw mills, paper mills, shingle mills, and a woolen factory. In the Darby Creek area a number of tenement houses were built as well as a general store to service the needs of the mill workers.

In 1the mid 1800"s, Rose Tree Hunt Club, the Lima Hunt Club and the Radnor Hunt Club  encouraged the building of many country estates to be built in the rolling hills of Newtown Square. Rich Philadelphians began spending time there.

Transportation developments for the Township did not occur until the latter part of the 1800"s when Trolley service began. At the beginning of the 20th century, the automobile began to give people the freedom travel more easily.

Today Newtown Township has developed into a suburban community with old stone homes and structures dotting the landscape to serve as reminders of days gone by.

Bartram's Covered Bridge, over Crum Creek on the western border of Newtown Township

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