Bryn Mawr

Bryn Mawr is a part of the Philadelphia Main Line, located along the "Main Line" railroad that connects Philadelphia with points west and is home to the prestigious Bryn Mawr College and Harcum College as well as a number of prestigious private Day schools including The Shipley School and The Baldwin School for girls.

Lancaster Avenue is the main artery and has numerous shops and restaurants located walking distance from the train. The commercial district is being rejuvenated as are other towns along the the Lancaster Avenue and Main Line train corridor, which run parallel to each other.

Also sharing the 19010  zip code are the communities of Rosemont in Lower Merion Township and Radnor Township, and various other areas within

Lower Merion Township, Radnor Township, and Haverford Township.

Bryn Mawr is named after an estate near Dolgellau in North Whales that belonged to Rowland Ellis, a Quaker who immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1686 from Dolgellau to escape religious persecution.

The town was called as Humphreysville until 1869 and the coming of the Pennsylvania Railroad. The town was renamed by railroad agent William H. Wilson after he acquired on behalf of the railroad the 283 acres that now comprise Bryn Mawr.

The first hospital on the Main Line, Bryn Mawr Hospital, was built in 1893 on the Main Line by Dr. George Gerhard.Glenays. Bryn Mawr totals about 0.6 square miles which is located both in Lower Merion Township in Montgomery County and  in Delaware County. 

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