Philadelphia, South Philly

South Philadelphia, known as South Philly is a diverse community known for its large Italian American and Irish American populations.Their was rapid growth in population & urban development due to an influx of working class laborers & immigrants looking for factory jobs & dock work from Ireland. It became part of Philadelphia in 1854.The area continued to grow, becoming a vital part of Philadelphia's large industrial base, attracting immigrants from Italy, Ireland, Poland, & many Southern European & Eastern European countries during the turn of the 18th & 19th century. ManyBlack American migrants from the south Migrated in early 20th century. Immigrants & migrants is the basis for the vibrant & diverse flavor of the community.

Today, the many vendors that work alongside the Italian-Americans at the Italian Market are of Asian descent & Mexican or Central American descent, Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican, & Central American restaurants are interspersed with historic Italian restaurants in the Market area. The recent revitalization of Center City Philadelphia & subsequent gentrification of adjacent neighborhoods has also led to dramatic rises in prices of housing in the neighborhoods of historic Queen Village, Bella Vista, & some other northern parts of South Philadelphia, leading to an influx of young urban professionals in those more northern neighborhoods.Many of the community clubs that create the annual Mummers Parade every New Year's Day have traditionally been from South Philadelphia. 9th & Passyunk Ave. is home to the famous Geno's SteaksPat's King of Steaks cheesesteak shops. Nearby is the city's open-air Italian Market, specializing in fresh produce, meats,& other foods. It is lined by specialty shops, such as butchers, bakeries and cheese/grocery stores, new cafes & coffee houses. The area was featured in the film Rocky & its sequels. This is the heart of an annual street festival celebrating the neighborhood's food.Among the largest landmarks in South Philadelphia is the South Philadelphia Sports Complex. Here, the Philadelphia Phillies(professional baseball), Philadelphia Eagles (professional football), Philadelphia 76ers(professional basketball), Philadelphia Flyers (professional ice hockey), Philadelphia Soul (professional arena football), Temple Owls(college football) and the annual Wing Bowl make their home in the massive state-of-the-art sports arenas surrounding the well-known intersection: Citizens Bank Park, Lincoln Financial Field, and the Wells Fargo Center.The American Swedish Historical Museum is located in Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park. One of Philadelphia's last pre-World War.

The Philadelphia Naval Shipyard is located here. For decades during the World Wars and after, the shipyard was a major employer, whose craftsmen built new ships and repaired and maintained existing ones. With the decline in the military uses, the area is being redeveloped by the Navy and city for a variety of business and industrial uses.A refurbished area of South Philadelphia alongside Columbus Boulevard/Delaware Avenue,Columbus Commons, provides big box shopping & chain restaurants.Washington Avenue, between 16th St. on the west & Front St. on the east, is home to many Asian businesses, including Vietnamese, Chinese & Korean. Among these are restaurants of all types, Asian supermarkets, jewelers & a wide variety of specialty shops.Passyunk Avenue, running from Broad Street to South Street, is a thriving consumer district currently undergoing revitalization. Several coffeeshops, restaurants & bars have opened which appeal to the younger population moving into the area. 

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